QuitLit - Quit Lit

What is "Quit Lit"?

Quit lit, or quit literature, is a genre of books to help quit drinking alcohol. They are not part of a recovery program, but instead teach you what you need to know to convince yourself to stop drinking.

Here are a few of the best Quit Lit titles:

This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness, and Change Your Life

By Annie Grace

Alcohol Explained

By William Porter

Alcohol Lied to Me: The Intelligent Escape from Alcohol Addiction

By Craig Beck

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober: Discovering a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Alcohol-Free Life

By Catherine Gray

We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life

By Laura McKowen

However there are tons more than just those five. If you're looking for more quitlit books, check out these additional titles:

After reading through the quitlit books, many come to the following conclusions about drinking:

Alcohol is a toxic, addictive poison.
There are no real benefits to drinking alcohol.
The brainwashing and conditioning surrounding alcohol is very powerful. We see alcohol everywhere, every day. It all seems so harmless and normal.
Alcohol is anything but harmless.
The brainwashing and conditioning, which starts taking hold when we are young children, leads most people to genuinely believe alcohol provides real benefits.
I don't know a single person who drinks alcohol who has not suffered negative consequences as a result of drinking.
There is no such thing as an alcoholic or alcoholism. It's not a disease. How could someone who hasn't touched alcohol for years have a disease related to alcohol? If someone was addicted to cocaine, but hasn't touched cocaine for 10 years, would they be said to have a disease? No. We would say they were addicted to cocaine. We would not say they have a disease called cocaineism. The term "alcoholism" and the classification "alcoholic" are total bullshit and they carry a very heavy social stigma..
Alcohol addiction is NOT bullshit. It's very real and its much more widespread than most people realize.
Most people who drink alcohol are hooked, addicted or trapped by it.
Many people are addicted to alcohol without realizing it. This is because our society is brainwashed and conditioned to believe regularly using this drug is socially acceptable and normal. The brainwashing and conditioning starts when we are small children and continues our entire lives.
If you have fear about living your life without alcohol you are, in all probability, addicted.
If you need to "exercise control" over drinking, in all probability, you have a drinking problem. Why else would you need to exercise control?
Our whole culture has been duped by the alcohol industry into believing drinking provides real benefits. It's total bullshit. The benefits are almost 100% perceived, not real.
The feeling of "needing a drink" is caused by alcohol itself. No one has ever felt they "needed" a drink before they ever had one.
Alcohol is a depressant, meaning the drug slows down the central nervous system.
When you drink, your brain releases stimulants to combat the effects of the depressant.
The stimulants your brain releases cause discomfort and anxiety.
When suffering from a "hangover", you are feeling the stimulants your brain released to combat the depressant.
Our subconscious learns that the anxiety felt from alcohol withdrawl can be mitigated by another drink. This is how we get hooked. Drinking ultimately makes us feel shitty, so we have another drink to curb that shitty feeling. And the cycle continues.
As you become a more experienced drinker, your brain releases stimulants in anticipation of the depressant, reducing the "high" alcohol gives you. This is how a tolerance is built. In other words your body becomes more efficient at dealing with the poison you put into your body.
Thinking about the whole process of drinking and drawing from previous experiences allows you to deal with triggers.
You should not be afraid of life without alcohol. You should be afraid of life with it.
Alcohol tastes terrible. You never used to like IPAs, beer, wine or anything. You have hated every single type of alcohol the first time I tried it. Wine tastes awful. Liquor tastes worse. When you first started drinking you hated the taste of beer.
No one drinks alcohol for the taste. We all drink for the drug.
Alcohol frequently made you vomit when you were younger.
Alcohol is so embedded in our culture people will ask why you are NOT drinking. It's the only drug that is like that. Would anyone ever ask why you're NOT smoking cigarettes or snorting coke? No. That would be insane. But alcohol, like nicotine and cocaine, is an addictive drug.
Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it makes you urinate.
Because it makes you urinate, your body pisses out needed water in addition to the liquid you consumed while drinking, leaving you at a water deficit (dehydrated).
The dehydration caused by alcohol makes you thirsty, so you drink more, subconsciously believing you are quenching your thirst. This is how we can drink huge volumes of beer etc.
You have never consumed 60-75 ounces of water in three hours. This only happens with beer. And it's only possible because alcohol dehydrates you.
Alcohol is a carcinogen.
Alcohol kills more people every year than all other drugs combined.
Like a loanshark, alcohol has taken way more from me than it's given.
Alcohol steals my confidence. I can't be a whole person if I drink.
In spite of all the brainwashing and cultural conditioning telling us to drink, everyone knows alcohol is bad for them. We all feel shame from drinking.
If I could make the choice for them, I would make sure my kids never touched alcohol.
After alcohol leaves your system (7-10 days) any desire to drink or alcohol craving is mental, not physical.
I can deal with the triggers telling me to have a drink. The triggers are just mental conditioning. I don't physically need a drink. It's just a matter of paying attention and concentrating on the reality of the drug until the trigger passes.
I've never felt good about drinking. I've always felt shame or guilt.
They only way to quit alcohol for good without feeling deprived of alcohol is to recondition your mind so you no longer want alcohol.
Depriving yourself alcohol when you still desire it is a recipe for misery.
Willpower is finite. If you use willpower to stop drinking you are doomed to fail.
You have to want to stop for yourself. Stopping for someone else will not work.
Cutting back or slowing down alcohol consumption doesn't work. People who think they can do this are kidding themselves and almost always end up drinking as much if not more than they drank before.
I can enjoy parties, games, dinners, golfing, and other social events alcohol free.
I haven't missed drinking even once when I abstained under circumstances where I normally would have drank.
I have regretted drinking alcohol too many times to count.
Once I start drinking I find it difficult to stop after one or two. This is a common problem among drinkers.
Alcohol causes you to lie.
Quitting alcohol is FREEING!

Best of luck to you on your alcohol-free journey